“Cyber Colour Exhibition” curated by VerticalCryto Art

“Cyber Colour” exhibition curated by VerticalCrypto and  in partnership with Known Origin and Decentraland for “Art Week” from 11th July to 18th July is exploring the cyber, sci-fi, pop, neon and colour themes. The idea behind this curated exhibition featuring 26 different artist is to ignite the idea of colour and what this can transmit through the digital and virtual realm of Crypto Art. 

From sci-fi and cyber pop artwork like “The Un-Canny” by NeuroColor to more abstract figures composed by geometry in “Shapes” by CryptoYuna, there is one constant underlying theme which is colour.  This selection of artworks, from both OG crypto-artists like Luluxx or Max Osiris and traditional artist like Sabet as well as emerging artists like Craig Smith, aims to create a connection with the viewer with the way the colours – bright, heated, neon, messy and juxtaposed – are used in each unique artwork. 

It’s meant to be messy, it’s meant to be strong, it’s meant to be confusing and provoking. 

Visit “Cyber Colour” exhibition in partnership with Known Origin and Decentraland from 11th July to 18th July 2021 through this link: https://play.decentraland.org/?position=58%2C94

Featuring artworks: 

Crypto Yuna
Gary Cartlidge
Gassan Aqel
Max Osiris
Rare Scrilla
Jason Balducci
Ann Ahoy
Franky Nines
The Immersive Kind
Cyber Shakti
Craig Smith
Neon WasteLand


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