Live w/ Hic et nunc and friends

Summary by @DianeDrubay

And again a fabulous discussion on how the community is growing! This time, we talked about the tools produced by some artists for the community and some possible upcoming features and evolutions. In the room we had @presstube , @shantell_martin , @mtyka , @1x1_NFT , @luisfraguada and maybe @crzypatchwork + around 40 online participants.

Powered by the community for the community

What is beautiful to watch on hic et nunc is how the community takes ownership of the tools (via the open API) and produces tools needed by the community. 

Made by artists for the artists. Often one artist faces a question or an issue, and starts to work on a tool to solve it, and then, shares it with the community. It is like a ground-up sandbox / try-out sandbox powered by and for the community. 

It is also a fabulous testing bed for the developers of hic et nunc to see what is needed, what works or not and then, to then implement future features or tools.

One mention was raised on the fragility of such proliferation of tools as it becomes difficult to follow-up on all of them. Also, one object can slow down the website: that’s a growing pain to be careful about.

The need of being able to divide the price in different sections (for creator, a cause and to the developers) is even more stronger when we see that a larger community of actors are contributing to the development of hic et nunc. Of course, we talk here about the people behind the external tools used largely by the community, but also media as Vertical CryptoArt. (Good to highlight that smart contracts already allow multi-signatures but the interface of hic et nunc doesn’t allow it yet.)

The roadmap of hic et nunc

One pending question came back: 

What is the roadmap of hic et nunc? Is there a higher narrative of where the platform is going? When should people start to expect something else?

For now, the direction of hic et nunc is where the community wants it to go.

For now the rule is: if you want something, make it happen. 

This reminded the group of  the governance of a makerspace which works as a doer-space. 

It also reminded some open-source platforms which have their own governance but, here, the difference lays on the  hDAO which is creating a certain kind of value and structure.

Something which is for sure and should be shouted loud: “Growing slowly is key in decentralised communities”. 

What should we leave out? 

As we are borrowing ideas from social media and other platforms, is there something that we should absolutely leave out from hic et nunc? Followers? Likes? Sales records?

In which direction do we want to go: towards collaborations or towards monetizing sales? 

Let’s highlight stats showing the community’s health and helping it grow!

“The stuff which is missing is what makes hic et nunc good.”

“On hic et nunc, you click on an artwork because you like it, not for any other reasons. This is so differentiating from the other platforms! It is not about fame or monetization.”

“We are trail-blazing in spaces which don’t exist yet in the NFTs space.”

We are intentionally different from the other platforms:

  • Clean NFTs
  • Different formats of NFTs
  • Collaborative spirit
  • No fame or competition
  • Low gas fee + low mint fee
  • We can give to a cause


It is quite vivid in the community when we talk about auctions. Some people are making it clear that they don’t want it. They don’t want to see rules from the IRL auction and the other platforms coming on hic et nunc.

One last idea: 

Currently people having making noise on Twitter get a great outreach opportunity while most of hic et nunc users started using Twitter at the start of the H=N adventure.

Today, Twitter is making the difference between people, if you have followers or not. This is not fair.

As, on Twitter, people are not afraid to show other artists art on their own profile, we could organise a weekend to highlight “less followed” artists by picking a few that you like and share their profiles. 

Crucial to the development of hic et nunc, this conversation highlighted the need of a roadmap or at least a governance statement so that people know which way to go. This community is eager to help, just and support, just need to activate it!

And for those you missed them, here is a list of great tools to use: By: @branksypop By: @mknol By: @quasimondo By: @leithba By: @mtyka

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