Live w/ Sinclair x MOCA Museum of Crypto Art

A written summary of the livestream interview with Sinclair by Micol from VerticalCryptoArt for MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art)

The interview starts off with Micol, from Vertical Crypto Art asking Sinclair about what has brought him into cryptoart and he recollected his journey from the very beginning…

Sinclair’s artistic journey started back in 2016, by drawing his high school classmates with a single line, to express this idea that we’re all connected in life. 

The idea that a single line could hold so much meaning is what sparked his love for art: connection has been a leitmotif lurking in the background of his works ever since. 

During his business degree in college Sinclair soon realized that he wanted to be an artist. In order to do so, learning how to paint like the masters seemed mandatory. So he started with oil on canvas: the fine art world was very strict about what is art and what wasn’t.

“The first stroke – it just clicked, and I realized: I’m an artist”

When Sinclair sold his first painting, a career path in art appeared before his eyes. Never having taken art classes or shown a big interest in art, family and friends were confused. But they quickly changed their mind by seeing how passionate he is about it.

“If I’m living in someone else’s dream, I consider that a nightmare. So follow your dreams”

About being self-taught, Sinclair tells us how this has helped him innovate more and push boundaries. The most important part about it, he explains, is following first your vision, not looking too much at what you’re supposed to do. All while still surrounding oneself with great art, music and even philosophy. For him all forms of art are connected, just like people.

“Fine art was in a little box, now cryptoart has blown that box to bits”

The discovery of cryptoart made Sinclair realize its endless possibilities. What matters is the concept and how passionate about it you are. Art doesn’t have to fit in that “box” anymore.

When asked about the future, he tells us how it’s all about virtual exhibitions. While in a gallery artists are in charge of just artworks, now an exhibition can be made a work of art itself. This allows artists to tell their story even better.

“Every piece has a deeper meaning than what meets the eye”

Sinclair describes what he calls meta cubism, by analyzing one of his first works on SuperRare, “Obscure Objectivity”. Here we see people made of 3D objects, and unlike cubism where objects are viewed from different perspectives, Sinclair depicts people, emotions and ideas from different perspectives. 

“Society objectifies peoples, labeling them and seeing them just as objects. We’re much deeper than that.”

Talking about his colors and composition choices, he tells us that colors are attached to emotions, and how he tries to feel colors and then express them through them. For Sinclair, an artist’s job is to take what he or she feels and make it understandable by others. 

About his relationship with collectors, he loves hearing people interpretations of his art. Especially in cryptoart, where we’re all connected through social media, this two way conversation is very interesting for both the collector and the artist.

“When I make art I try to get into a zone, like meditation”

Sinclair’s artistic process is letting art flow and come to light, without making too much change of it. Is then up to the viewer to decide what it means. 

The portrait of Colborn Bell with his one line style is also part of the permanent and genesis collection of MOCA. They met just after Sinclair minted his first works on SuperRare and Colborn collected six of his paintings all at once during the pandemic. From that moment and their first phone call they realized they shared the same vision about the future of the cryptoart space.

“Because of the one line, we’re all connected. And everyone in the Museum of Crypto Art is connected to Colborn”

Museums have an important role in the community according to Sinclair, they are “ahead of everything”. Museums are putting artists in control. Art is the important thing, while money comes second. We can’t forget where we came from, and museums are setting that foundation where we can build upon.

“My advice for everyone is: remember why we’re here”

Written by @mimnermosart

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