Personalities – The Bridge Between PFPs & Artist 1/1s


Collector and builder in the cryptoart space for a long time CC AKA Creator Collection has mixed a strange cocktail, bringing together the collection and traits aspects from the world of PFPs & artists-made 1/1 work of arts.

Jæn: When you contacted me for the first time to talk about Personalities, it was a long explanation, that got me a bit lost in details, but I instantly got the feeling it would be something unlike any other project, and really worth diving in. Let’s start fresh for our readers, can you give us a concise introduction to what is Personalities?

CC: Lol. Yes, that is an accurate summary. I’ve been a bit surprised that the project is still entirely unique. Attention spans are understandably short these days, and new/different things are relatively complex.

Personalities is a collection of 1/1 portraits that are created by some of the most well known artists from SuperRare and Foundation. 

So far, we’ve completed 67 works by 31 different artists. The artwork is truly amazing and ranges in price from .3E to 4.5E, depending on the artist!

Artists are challenged to create the portrait using a pre-defined creative spec detailing the different traits/properties for that individual 1/1 mint (ex: facial expression, spirit animal, halo color, etc..)

This project truly blends the genius of rarity traits and the beauty of 1/1 artwork.

Jæn: Alright! Let’s talk about the core of it now, the artists and their art. Time to flex a selection of the art and artists so far that have released their pieces, it’s filled with a lot of gems.

CC: I find it impossible to curate the collection of 67 – it’s like me trying to say which of my kids I love best 🙂 I have personally curated this exclusive group of artists, many of whom I know from my time as a crypto art blogger or having previously collected their works. 

With that said, here are a few pieces that I think do a great job representing the entire project. 

This is a piece by Raluca Bararu. It was in Season 2 and can be seen here. She chose a mint ID with the following traits:

  • Expression: Anger
  • Spirit animal: Wolf
  • Halo color: Orange
  • Flower: Sunflower
  • Eyes: Green
  • Lips: Teal

This piece is visually arresting. It’s clearly a person who is in the middle of a huge anger meltdown. Look at how the hands are coming up to the face. But it’s also sort of a half-wolf half-cyclops as well. The orange smoke coming out really illustrates that feeling we’ve all had where we are so furious we just want to scream. Raluca is an unbelievably talented artist. I am so honoured to be able to show this piece as part of our project. Raluca has been a very successful artist on FND for over a year and has been on SR for the last several months. Batsoupyum, Bittm, and other esteemed collectors own some of her other pieces.

This next piece is by Joaquin Rodriquez, and can be viewed here. His technique is relatable but his talent is unmatched. All of his works are done in ballpoint pen. Stop for a moment and think to yourself what it would be like if your doodles looked like this?! It’s unbelievable to me. Joaquin selected this mint ID in which he had to create a 1/1 with the following traits:

  • Expression: Surprise
  • Spirit animal: Lion
  • Halo color: Orange
  • Flower: Peonies
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Lips: Magenta

Joaquin has done four separate 1/1s as part of Personalities, and his pieces all sold out within the first few minutes. Guynorcal, _Defi_, Aure Gimon, Krybharat, PaddyStash and many others are among his esteemed collectors.

#030 (sold out) and 0#38

Jæn: These are fantastic indeed, I discovered Raluca Bararu through Personalities and was absolutely speechless in front of her super expressive technique.

Let’s get on my personal experience: above are my 2 pieces, made for Season 2. When you receive the creative prompt, you have lots on your plate: rarity traits, animals, colours, etc. I found that most pieces had a big focus on the animal trait, and was fascinated by actually how artists could tackle this in many, many ways, with a peculiar focus on an element. I decided that animals would not be central, and that everything should revolve around one trait: the emotion. These were made after photo references of me and my girlfriend, so there was also consideration of the vantage point of the shot, how to play an expression, and then when drawing, how every element can contribute to the emotions displayed, sadness and surprise: the way the animals and flowers are portrayed and how they play their role (a sad sunflower lion has that kind of defeated king vibe looking deep within the how to get back up, and the dahlia making a gasp of surprise evokes the blossoming of one surprising event in the timeline), the contrast and choice of colours, the shape of the eyes, the background, etc. I also took this opportunity to challenge standards a bit on gender representation, as we seem to see more women portraying sadness usually. I was surprised that Sadness was the first to go (to Sarah Moosvi from Tara Digital Collective), and just after minting, which led me to think the collection was actually succeeding into making relevant art amidst the pure PFP frenzy.

CC: Yes Jaen, you know I have loved your work since I joined the NFT space in Feb 2021 and collected a few of your pieces. I was so happy when you decided to join us. I love your piece #038 is exhaling a breath of surprise in the form of the flower. That was pure creative genius.

I think the project has been extremely successful so far. We have sold 14 1/1s over the last three months. When you think about the pace of sales, this is really tremendous. And we’ve done it with very little marketing. Mostly word of mouth sales. It’s a real grassroots type of project that I think will be a slow, steady build over a long period of time. In many ways, this is by design as the tagline of the project is “not another generative project.”

Our collectors include pillars of the space like GuyNorcal, The Alchemist, Jagged, The Unknown Collector, World of Women, Defi, Bittm, TDC Gallery, Kaprekar, 1odin3, Crypto Shatt, and some anons.

If you’re reading this and are interested in starting or adding to your 1/1 collection, feel free to follow and DM me here. I can answer any questions you have. 

Jæn: Thank you, and yes, it’s working quite well for the experimental niche it is, clearly. I also think the slow pace of it actually fosters quality and taking the time to appreciate the work that’s done. In a PFP world, some of the artistic value would be lost between the crazy tx action. I know you’ve been working hard on developing it, and doing a lot of face-to-face with fellow collectors of the scene, that’s the tedious but proper way to go for that kind of project. So, tease us a bit about the future of Personalities! What should we expect?

CC: Yes indeed. It’s been a wonderful reason to keep my collector friends up to date with this special 1/1 project. We unanimously receive support and compliments on the idea and execution. 

Over the coming months, I plan to put more effort into marketing the project, versus recruiting more artists for a new Season. We have 53 works by established and some of the best up-and-coming artists in the entire space.  

I am also starting to do appearances on podcasts, Spaces, and streaming NFT shows to share more about the project. I have found that people are interested to hear about my experience as a collector and NFT entrepreneur. And I enjoy talking about it and being an active part of this incredible community.

Lastly, we have also started to release custom interviews on our project website with all of our artists so that the community can really have a chance to learn more about their works, techniques, background and our project.

Some other ideas that we’re noodling on include doing more limited-edition giveaways to collectors and artists in the project, and potentially inviting collectors and the public into our Discord which is really all about celebrating 1/1 art.

Eventually, perhaps in the springtime, we will bring on a new group of artists and produce more works as part of a future Season 4.

Jæn: Right, promoting it via Spaces and articles is the right thing to do, as these require more time to enjoy properly. It’s interesting to see that kind of project also requiring something else than influencer seeking, or promises of pump. Alright, I think it’s been a great dive into one of the most interesting collective cryptoart projects out yet, thank you for having this chat with us. Any last words?

CC: Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to share more about this very special and unique project. I certainly think that the idea and execution so far is very worthy of influencer promotion, and we’d welcome it if it came.
I’ll end with a point of view that this project and these artists will be in the space for a very long time. Through my collection and my cryptoart blog – where I interviewed 100 artists in the spring of 2021 – I have hand selected artists who we strongly believe will do very well for collectors. So, speaking to all the collectors out there, come join us as we build this 1/1 community together! You can see all the works here.

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