VerticalCrypto Art presents

A native crypto art virtual residency

VerticalCrypto Art native virtual crypto art residency is an experimental project which aims to educate and support creative individuals on how to approach the crypto-art space, nurture new forms of collaborative expression and create a decentralized community of creatives through the creation of a dedicated educational and mentorship program as well as a virtual art residency over the course of six months.

We aim to work directly with creators (of all types) to support, educate, train and provide guidance in their journey within the crypto-art community. As this ecosystem grows and develops the need for an educational and mentorship path for creators, new or not, is a way to nurture the healthy development of the community and provide a space for the exchange of valuable learnings and collaborations.

This residency will lean into different collaborators, mentors, partners and pillars of the crypto-art ecosystem as well as leverage the network and knowledge that VerticalCrypto Art has developed over the last year as community builders in this space.

What is Vertical Crypto Art Virtual Residency? 

The program will last over 6 months and will have 2 cohorts of 12 weeks each.

Residents receive:

  • An educational program of 8 weeks covering:
    1. History of Crypto Art 
    2. Overview of Marketplaces / Platforms 
    3. PoS vs PoW & blockchain 1o1
    4. Tezos dedicated track hosted by Tezos Foundation including Homebase DAO training
    5. Architecture Track lead by United XYZ in partnership with MOCA 
    6. Marketing and promotion
    7. Art Curation and storytelling 
    8. Galleries and Museums 
  • Marketing and promotion through VerticalCrypto Art channels 
  • Access to a dedicated discord channel for news, events, meetups, AMAs and more.
  •  1:1 mentorships / calls with a set of different mentors with different knowledge skills and expertise.
  • Budget to produce NFTs and mint them. 
  • Selected artists will be part of IOCA , exhibit in Somnium Space land of MOCA and invited to gated platforms such as Async Art and SuperRare. 
  • After the program, cohort graduates will be able to remain in the chatroom and have continued access to select program resources. 


July: “Onboarding and Context Setting” 

These 3 initial weeks leading into August will be dedicated to contextualizing the Crypto Art movement by understanding the history of it, how it was built, and who were the pioneers of this as well as the people who made it grow to the ecosystem it is now. 

Classes , AMAs and meetups will be organised.

August: Learn

This month will be dedicated to learning.

Week 1: Curation / Marketing / Promotion 
Week 2: Community Building / Social Media Best Practices
Week 3: Metaverse  
Week 4: Creative Coding 
We will also have dedicated individual tracks which can chosen by each artist including:

September: Create 

The final month will focus on creating and developing art based on the learnings and developments of the past 2 months in the program.