The VerticalCrypto Art Residency Program is now on twitter!

VerticalCrypto Art is thrilled to introduce its brand new VCA Residency Twitter Profile : the home of the educational programs and online residencies in the fields of web3, crypto art, digital art and metaverse culture VCA has pioneered & ran since July of 2021. 

From today, the @vcaresidency twitter will be the one-stop-shop for educational content, classes, artist and mentor spotlights, residency auctions & exhibitions, and so much more we intend to be doing over the course of this year. 

To rewind the clock and give some context,  the VCA Residency Program started as an experiment in July of 2021, as a way to provide a space for creators globally have free access to learning tools, resources and classes on web3 and crypto art, as well as build a community of like-minded individuals. The residents of the VCA Program have the opportunity to connect with thought-leaders and experts of the space who provide guidance and support in shaping their journey into the NFT and crypto art ecosystem. 

Due to its enormous success, with the first open call seeing more than 200+ applicants, the VCA Residency Program quickly transitioned to becoming an ongoing native NFT online residency providing free educational programs to creators globally in the fields of web3, crypto art and metaverse culture.  With two cohorts of this program completed, we are approaching the start of our third one and believe it’s time for the VCA Residency to have its own home & space on crypto & NFT twitter. 

This space aims to reflect the values by which the VCA Residency Program lives: democratising access to knowledge and allowing for creators globally to have free access to resources, tools and classes that will lower the barrier to entry into the web3 ecosystem. 

This is also the reason why ALL of our classes are available & free for anyone (not just the resident artists) to watch on our website HERE.

With the creation of this new dedicated twitter, we will be using this as a hub for sharing ALL of the classes taking place during our Third Cohort immediately after they take place, as well as on our YouTube channel too, allowing for anyone to tap into the educational content we are providing our residents with. 

You wouldn’t want to miss a Crypto Art History Class by Artnome himself right? 

Before we start our 2022 programs, we do want to take some time to look back at some of the accomplishments the VCA Residency Program has had over the last 8 months:

Starting from:

  • Ran 2 incredibly successful auctions & exhibitions showcasing the work of the resident artists. 
  • 10+ AMAs with artists and thought leaders of the space including Sarah Zucker, Robness, Carlos Marcial, Ioannis Sourdis, The Funny Guys, Neurocolor.  

and overall, fostering an organic community of artists, creators, mentors, partners and collectors who believe in the mission of the program to democratise access to knowledge and provide a free and accessible space for creators globally to tap into resources and learn about web3, crypto art and the metaverse. 

The VCA Residency Program is growing and expanding, we have lots planned for 2022 to scale our educational programs to new horizons and tap into various angles of metaverse culture so keep your eyes peeled on this new profile! 

NOW: let’s share the love for our brand new twitter profile – follow & share the VCA Residency Twitter , our VCA Residency Instagram, and the VCA LinkedIn page.

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