VCA Weekly Roundup – Week of 21st Dec 2021

Welcome to the VerticalCrypto Art Roundup! 💗

Ho ho ho, hi everyone! 🎅 Wishing you a very warm welcome back to another VCA roundup – your weekly summary and source of truth for all things VerticalCrypto Art. 😎

There never seems to be a dull moment in this space, particularly at present! Let’s take a closer look at some prominent VCA headlines from the past week:

So, What Happened Last Week? 🤔

Applications for the VerticalCrypto Art Residency 2022 are now LIVE! If you would like to join the next Cohort, make sure to apply here – (note that we are accepting applications until the last day of 2021).

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency website launched last Thursday, December 16th 2021! It features all past residency cohort classes, our resident artists, mentor and partner profiles, our VCA auction, online gallery and the residency programme curriculum – can now all be found in one place: here!! The website was developed by our in-house designer Caprica – we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Kalen Iwamoto and Walt Reunamo, our  Cohort I resident artists, received a bid & sold their metaverse-native conceptual artwork & performance: ‘Looks Rare – BURN’  which was first featured and seen on the VCA residency auction in September 2021. The collector of this piece is none other than the legendary Crypto Art OG Mattia Cuttini! We are thrilled for both of them – congratulations! 🔥🔥

Preparations are underway at Cohort II, with residents and mentors approaching the final month of the VerticalCrypto Art residency which sees the grand finale: the VerticalCrypto Art Resident Artist Auction

More details can be found below! 👇

With ‘NFT’ becoming the buzzword for 2021, we took a poll on Twitter asking about predictions for the direction of Crypto Art in 2022. Will collectibles still dominate the market, or will 1/1 artworks and digital fashion prevail? What will our crypto landscape look like? See some of our early findings below. 👇

Your Predictions for 2022 ✨

We asked for your take on what the focus will be in 2022, and boy, you responded! The majority of votes from our poll (117 to be exact) predict that we will see more 1/1 artworks and digital fashion goods (such as digital fashion assets, digi-physi goods and wearables for use in the Metaverse) NFTs in the new year.

Popular predictions also include a frenzy of NFT marketplaces with many cases #NGMI, an increase in commercial-grade collectibles from companies such as Adidas (which will co-exist with 1/1 artworks) and blockchain gaming dominating 2022.

These are all excellent predictions. Based on everything that has happened in the Crypto Art/Web3 space in 2021, we can really only speculate as to what happens next. Will DAOs really take over? Will Metaverses share a universal standard for digital items? The VCA community welcomes whatever lies ahead – bring it on! 💪

What is the Response from Residents? 👂

Cohorts I and II of the VerticalCrypto Art Residency were delighted to hear the news of artists arriving to the VerticalCrypto Art Residency in 2022!

Cohort II are busy creating artworks over the festive period for their upcoming VerticalCrypto Art Resident Artist Auction, taking place on January 19th & 20th, 2022 in a custom built metaverse experience in Arium Spaces.

VerticalCrypto Art’s Cohort I: Weekly Roundup 🗣

Last week was peaceful for Cohort I. Enjoying VerticalCrypto Art AMAs and creating art independently and collaboratively, the group is enjoying a calm period in the lead up to Christmas. Well done, guys. You’ve earned it.

There are a few exceptions, however! Ha, nearly got you. 😉 Let’s take a look:

What Classes Took Place Last Week? 📚

The jig is up! ROBNESS was the special AMA guest and forerunner of the Crypto Art genre last week. Having hosted a great talk, this discussion of huge interest to both Cohorts of the VerticalCrypto Art residency, including VCA’s founder, Micol. Cohort II resident, Pierre Gerviois, even cited a quote from ROBNESS’ talk: “we are former outcasts of the old world”. Well observed, Pierre! 😎

VerticalCrypto Art’s Cohort II: Weekly Roundup 🗣

In contrast to Cohort I, it has been a week of contemplation and hard graft for Cohort II. As the group begins to put their minds towards the VerticalCrypto Art auction in January, some have worked towards final pieces independently, whilst others sought advice from mentors.

We have been fortunate enough to talk with the Cohort, and hear what has been on their minds:

What Do You Think, Cohort II? 💪

Garrison Fortress

Garrison Fortress contacted mentors Hervé Delhumeau ( and Ryan Roybal (NFT Collective) last week. As an artist, musician and filmmaker, Garrison’s oeuvre is influenced by cartoons he watches with his children and bizarre musical experiments made with friends.

Fortress reached out to Hervé to discuss how these influences can be visually implemented in musical NFTs. The two considered the possibility of sine waves – an immersive art and music NFT experience – that is worth clicking on and listening to simultaneously.

Ryan spoke generally with Garrison about the Crypto Art space, and his VR/AR experiences through the NFT Collective. Garrison told us that he feels hopeful after speaking with both mentors, expressing a drive to create a unique artwork for the VerticalCrypto Art auction. There are even hints at a potential collaboration between Garrison and Hervé in the future. We would be so down for this! 👀

Mr. Richi

Mr. Richi also reached out to Hervé last week. Mr Richi (Rastko Ristic) is a self-taught digital and crypto artist who makes street-pop art, inspired by graffiti as a teenager and relative influences from digital art and graphic design.

Mr Richi was glad to have spoken with Hervé, as they discussed the possibilities of symbolism communicated in artistic production. Richi’s involvement in the Monograma platform was also mentioned, with both mentor and artist expressing their shared excitement to this venture. Mr Richi mentioned to the team at VCA that he was delighted to have spoken with Hervé, and highly recommends him to all residents.

Vitaly Tsarenkov

Finally, Vitaly Tsarenkov spoke with NFT/Web3 consultant Lisa Kolb and artist Patrick Amadon about the outreach and community-building aspects of his practice.

Vitaly is a physical and digital visual artist who creates murals, sculptures, paintings and NFTs; his style being informed by the Avant Garde movement and artists such as Kazimir Malevich. Through his multifaceted practice, he allows bold creativity to manifest through strong, geometric shapes.

Vitaly discussed his marketing, promotion and what the main focus of his communications should be in the company of Patrick. Patrick gladly shared his approach – a simple, yet evergreen method of regular and consistent interaction with the Crypto Art community across social channels.

Lisa made an excellent point in suggesting that Vitaly’s sculptures should be as large within the Metaverse as in real life, and that his characters would make great digital wearables. She also gave feedback on Vitaly’s online presence, how it could be improved, and what kind of content he should consider to better tell his background story.

Vitaly was grateful for the time spent with Lisa and Patrick, informing VCA that he now understands the mechanisms and content required which will allow him to grow as an crypto artist. Good luck to you, Vitaly! 🌿

What is happening this week in the VerticalCrypto Art residency? 🤷

Micol has announced the official dates for Cohort II’s VerticalCrypto Art Resident Artist auction: January 19th & 20th, 2022. This will take place in Arium Spaces, similar to Cohort I’s auction as seen above, but with an entirely new build and immersive gallery space. We cannot wait for you to see it!

In Conclusion ✨

As we near the end of 2021 and productivity generally grinds to a halt, it seems as though VerticalCrypto Art only ramps up for more! Thank you for sticking with us in what has been an incredible year. We have shared some phenomenal times together!

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your festive period. See you on the other side. Cheers! 🥂

That should do it for this week’s VerticalCrypto Art Residency Roundup! 🙏 Thank you very much for reading – and a very Merry Christmas! 🎄❄️

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