VerticalCrypto Art goes to Frieze Los Angeles 

A very jet lagged me is typing this whilst thinking about how Los Angeles has 28 degrees in February. What am I doing again living in Europe? Who knows – anyways… I am so excited for the upcoming week we have here with VCA! 

It’s been a long time planning but we are excited to present our first IRL exhibition during Frieze LA Week & share our calendar of upcoming activations and events. 

Let’s start!

ART & NFT: The Digital Roots 

A 2 day pop up exhibition in collaboration with Rarible, Tezos and Whitewall which will take place at NeueHouse Hollywood and features 18 trail-blazing artists at the cutting edge of digital art. 

The start of the exhibition will also kick-start the auction which will last 6 days closing Wednesday 23rd of February with a closing party in the metaverse! 

Why this name? The whole concept of this exhibition started with questioning whether the term NFT ART is indicative and representative or whether this is the new contemporary & at times fine art. The theme revolves around this idea & the exhibition marries these two concepts: contemporary and digital art. 

The artists we are presenting are pioneers of AI like Mario Klingemann to digital artist OGs like Marjan Moghaddam to VR oil painters like Lucas Aguirre, to native digital alchemists like Neurocolor. We want to showcase how the digital medium is a canvas for what can be defined as the new contemporary & fine art of our times. 

We have quite a schedule so hang tight:

  • Thursday 17th February we open our doors at 10AM PST for early birds who want to walk around the exhibition.

RSVP here: 

  • At 5.30PM we are hosting a panel talk moderated by Holly Wood, Rarible with speakers: Luna Ikuta, Jesse Draxler, Johann Koenigg, ROBNESS. 
  • The panel is followed by a cocktail hour from 6.30 to 8PM.

For this part of the event please RSVP at as its limited capacity:

  • From 8pm  we continue the night with a party with tunes from DJ NOODZE until 11pm.

RSVP here: 

  • On Friday 18th February the exhibition will continue to be open to everyone from 10AM to 10PM. 

Come and say hello if you’re in LA. I will be there both days! 

But what if you’re not in LA? Don’t worry we’ve thought about everyone! 

This is why ART&NFT: The Digital Roots will have it’s own home in the metaverse. The exhibition will have a metaverse twin in Arium Spaces, a dedicated gallery created by Borya XXZ, Mical Noelson and Walt Reunamo which mirrors the IRL space showcasing the 18 artworks and direct links to bid on all the auctioned pieces.

ART&NFT: The Digital Roots Auction will be hosted on VCA Auction and will last six days: from Thursday 17th to Wednesday 23rd February ending at 7PM GMT. We will host a METPARTY in our gallery in Arium on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the auction. 

RSVP to our METAPARTY here: 

All info on the exhibition & auction & artworks presented here:

But that’s not all we’re doing! 

We are also hosting two unique open studio visits from two LA-based artists: Luna Ikuta and Lachlan Turzcan.

When & where?

  • Wednesday 16th February – Luna Ikuta Open Studio: “The Transparent Garden” from 5PM to 9PM

Luna Ikuta is a multidisciplinary artist and her sculptural works range from objects, furniture, aquascaping, to large scale public installations. An industrial design graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, her practice is rooted in material exploration and unconventional methods of making. Ikuta’s most notable experimental process results in creating ghostly underwater landscapes of transparent flora, capturing surreal imagery of our natural world.

  • Wednesday 16th February – Lachlan Turzcan Open Studio: “Wave Space” from 6PM to 10PM


Lachlan Turczan is an multimedia artist working with water, light and sound. He creates films, kinetic sculptures and fountains that provide opportunities for the public to explore natural phenomena in novel settings. He makes a living as a water and light choreographer designing shows for some of the largest public spectacles around the world, namely the fountains of Bellagio, Dubai and the Singapore Airport fountain.

His latest installation, ‘Wave Space’, is a meditative experience that immerses viewers in a kinetic light show created entirely from water reflections

We’re almost at the end of the week but we’re not done yet! On Friday 18th of Feb, Micol will be speaking on a panel at NeueHouse Hollywood on the topic:

ART& NFT: What’s true, what’s false, what’s next at 4PM PST in the screening room. 

The panel will be moderated by Martine Bury and Micol from VCA will be joined by Kevin McCoy and Josh Goldblum


Finally, to celebrate the end of Frieze Los Angeles week we are hosting alongside Whitewall and Rarible a closing party: “Beyond Frieze, The Party”

Friday 18t of Feb at the Thompson Hotel 

From 9PM to 1AM


We are thrilled to be part of such an important event in the arts & culture calendar globally. 

As VCA,  we are on a mission to bridge the contemporary and fine art world with web3 artist ecosystem and to be able to bring to life exhibitions like ART&NFT: The Digital Roots and other activations during a key moment like Frieze Los Angeles is thrilling & exciting. 

Hope you’ll join us IRL or ONL! 

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