VerticalCrypto Art Roundup – Friday, January 14th 2022

Welcome to the VerticalCrypto Art Roundup! 💗

Hello everyone, a very GM to you! 😊 Welcome to this week’s edition of VerticalCrypto Art Roundup – your gateway to all things VerticalCrypto in NFTs, Web3 and the blockchain.

As mentioned last week, the much anticipated VerticalCrypto storm has finally arrived. A hurricane of activity is now in full effect, featuring the residency auction, multiple Twitter Spaces, a collaborative exhibition with the brand new NFT ecosystem, DoinGud, and the in-person NFT Paris event. We hope you brought an umbrella! ☂️

So, What Happened This Week? 🤔

VerticalCrypto Art’s involvement in DoinGud’s #17SDGproject exhibition was announced last Saturday. Receiving many artworks for consideration, the VerticalCrypto Art team is set to curate ten pieces that showcase the best in sustainable NFT practices.

Cohort II residents recently submitted their final works to the VerticalCrypto Art Residency Auction, taking place in Arium Spaces next Wednesday, January 19th 2022. You can be excited now – it’s finally here!

VCA’s Twitter Spaces symposium, ‘Discussing Art NFTs: Ways of Curating’, was a big success! This discussion was co-hosted with Jesse Damiani and Anika Meier and notable speakers such as Kate Vass, Jason Bailey, Fanny Lakoubay, Alfred Weidinger, Tina River Ryans and many more influential Web3 curators, gallerists, historians and advisors.

VerticalCrypto Art x DoinGud: #17SDGproject 🌎

DoinGud is a non-profit ecosystem and DAO which empowers creators, collectors, curators and communities to generate positive impact for the world through NFTs.

The #17SDGproject exhibition celebrates the official launch of the DoinGud platform, promoting Crypto Art in the form of SDGs (‘Sustainable Development Goals’).

The VerticalCrypto Art team has been chosen to curate a hybrid ‘Exhibition-Drop’ of ten works from emerging artists (that will be included with seventeen other drops) for the #17SDGproject exhibition commencing March 1st.

At VerticalCrypto Art, we are all for experimentation with grassroots projects. The team is therefore delighted by the prospect of curating a Crypto Art exhibition with DoinGud, and we hope to further their sustainable ambition with our support!

Find out more about DoinGud and the #17DSGproject here.

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Twitter Spaces: ‘Art NFTs: Ways of Curating’ 🎨

An important event from this week was the Twitter Spaces symposium: ‘Art NFTs: Ways of Curating’. Co-hosted by Anika Meier and Jesse Damiani and  featuring speakers Jason Bailey, Fanny Lakoubay, Kate Vass, Alfred Weidinger, Dr. Tina Rivers Ryan, María Paula and Amir H Fallah, VerticalCrypto Art joined forces with the soundest minds in NFTs to debate current curation praxes in a constantly changing, decentralised landscape.

Catch the next episode of this ongoing series on Tuesday 2pm CET, January 18th “PFPs & art: what’s the deal?” by setting a reminder here!

Re-listen to the full conversation on Twitter Spaces here.

VerticalCrypto Art’s Cohort II: Weekly Roundup 🗣

Enjoying an immediate sense of relief on sending works to metaverse architect Mical Noelson and head of production, Lisa Kolb, Cohort II are enjoying a grace period between now and the VerticalCrypto Art residency auction next Wednesday. Residents should feel tremendously proud of what they have achieved this week. Now all that’s left is the auction itself! 🎉

Before that, though, it appears that some residents have been busy creating new pieces and organising exhibitions of their own. Let’s take a quick look, shall we? 👀

Cohort Creations 🖼

Warragwag, ‘Tezos NFTs: The New North Star’ 💫 (to be embedded)

Warragwag will be presenting at ‘NFTs: The New North Star’ at S.E.A. Focus, January 17th-23rd. Celebrating #SingaporeArtWeek, this exhibition will see works by emerging crypto artists across Asia. We are delighted for Warragwag and his outstanding achievements! 👏

Read the official press release here!

Felipe Felguerias, ‘zwangjku. halfmoon parasyte’ 🦠

Hicetnunc, Twitter.

Gabriel Koi, ‘Virtual Phosphene 01’ 🧿

OBJKT, Twitter.

Did you know that the VerticalCrypto Art Residency has a dedicated Instagram? That’s right – in anticipation of the residency auction next week, we are providing spotlights for Cohort I and II residents! Check it out here.

In Conclusion ✨

In summary, it has been quite the productive week here at VerticalCrypto Art. We have an immediate resident auction to look forward to, announcements for future exhibitions, Twitter Spaces, and Cohort II has been busy as ever creating new artwork.

The VCA community is ready for the weather – we love that! ⚡️

What is happening next week at VerticalCrypto Art? 🤷

The second cohort’s VerticalCrypto Art Residency Auction is taking place next Wednesday, January 19th at 7PM GMT in Arium Spaces. This cross-chain auction supporting ETH and Tezos will feature 19 artworks by our very own resident artists and an all-star line up of live DJ performances including Eclectic Method in our custom-built metaverse experience. Proceeds of this auction will go towards the continuous funding of the VCA Residency Program of 2022. 

A great way to support emerging talent & fund the education of NFTs, Web3 and the metaverse for future creators!

We will also be hopping on Twitter Spaces for a pre-kick off discussion with the Cohort II residents on Wednesday at 5pm GMT.  

VCA truly hopes you can join us for this spectacular event & celebration! 🎉🎉

That’s everything for this week! Thank you once again for joining us, it’s great to have you. See you at the next VerticalCrypto Art Roundup! 😇✨

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